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  • Vinyasa Flow for Moving On33:17

    Vinyasa Flow for Moving On

    Jean Hall | 17 Sep

    This class is designed to help you to release tensions held within the body to enable you to move on and be open to possibilities in life. This slow vinyasa flow will keep you mindful and moving through life’s more turbulent times to enable you to release, let you and when you are ready, move on.


  • Letting Go Vinyasa Flow50:01

    Letting Go Vinyasa Flow

    Jean Hall | 24 Aug

    This slow flow class is designed to rid the body and mind of tensions which accumulate as a result of life’s experiences. These tensions can hold us back, so the class focuses on releasing them so that, in time, we are ready to move on. The class begins slowly and mindfully with supine breathing practices for the first eight minutes. If you want to get moving sooner, but still gain the benefit of tension release, you may want to start with child’s pose eight minutes into class. This class is a slow vinyasa flow, focusing on mindfulnes and release.

    • Building strength for headstand12:05

      Building strength for headstand

      Jean Hall | 18 Jul 2013

      This is a perfect practice to open the shoulders and build strength and flexibility in the core as preparation for headstand. Need freer neck & shoulders? This is also for you. Join Jean and student, David This is a perfect warm up practice with plenty of modifications if you’re newer to the practice.


  •  Headstand Part 1 - Pose Demonstration06:39

    Headstand Part 1 – Pose Demonstration

    Jean Hall | 11 Apr

    In this yoga pose tutorial, Jean talks us through the key alignment points when you are working on your headstand. We recommend that you watch this class first, then go onto the second class in which she shows how a student can perform headstand safely.


  •  Headstand Part - 2 Pose Tutorial03:43

    Headstand Part – 2 Pose Tutorial

    Jean Hall | 11 Apr

    In the second of Jean’s headstand pose tutorials, she talks a student through going into headstand from the wall position. You will want to watch part 1 for her alignment pointers first, then watch the second part through, before you attempt to practice to it. Have fun turning your world upside down!


  • Vinyasa for shoulders50:36

    Vinyasa for shoulders

    Jean Hall | 14 Mar

    A strong, flowing vinyasa class with a focus on strengthening and releasing the shoulders to prepare for a stronger, better aligned side plank.



  • Hip Vinyasa54:03

    Hip Vinyasa

    Jean Hall | 31 Jan

    A gentle vinyasa class suitable for improvers but with an intermediate/advanced cresendo once your hips are beautifully open. A fab class which opens and releases the hips, great if you have been sitting all day. You will need a strap.


  • Flow - Hips & Heart01:06:48

    Flow – Hips & Heart

    Jean Hall | 23 Sep 2013

    This is a challenging flowing sequence that builds from flowing lunges to hip-openers peaking into heart-opening back-bends. Perfect if you love to flow from pose to pose. Includes a challenge – the arm balance Eka-pada-kundinyasana II (prepare yourself!) and camel.


  • Greet the day flow26:01

    Greet the day flow

    Jean Hall | 21 Oct 2013

    Sweet and steady flow that builds to a deeper practice that includes full range of poses. Perfect as a daily morning practice or you need to hit re-set at lunch-time or after work. This full and flowing sequence weaves sun salutes, standing poses, balances, and floor poses.


  • Gentle Spine: Soothe the shoulders20:30

    Gentle Spine: Soothe the shoulders

    Jean Hall | 11 Dec 2013

    Aching tired shoulders? Sore neck? Tense face? Let Jean help you release it all with this calming practice. Smooth, flowing movements will release the shoulders and lubricate the joints, easing out tension. This yoga class especially for your spine and shoulders will bring spacious to yours spine leaving you feeling like new. Props: A strap or belt.


  • Hips and Spine unwind28:11

    Hips and Spine unwind

    Jean Hall | 18 Jun 2013

    This is a beautiful , relaxing, floor-based practice for when you need to chill as much as you need to move. Nourishing and rejuvenating flow with the breath. Perfect as a rainy-day practice or when you need a little extra TLC.


  • Post Natal 1: Your body after baby21:12

    Post Natal 1: Your body after baby

    Jean Hall | 21 Oct 2013

    First in Jean’s post-natal sequence which allows you to safely build your core once more. Over the weeks as you improve in strength Jean will build in stronger and more challenging to get you looking and feeling all new. This practice is a gentle welcome back to your body and gives the basic dos and don’t on how to safely build your core after pregnancy.


  • Post Natal 2: Find the Core07:00

    Post Natal 2: Find the Core

    Jean Hall | 19 Nov 2013

    In this short practice Jean works with the inhale and exhale to help you identify the areas of the abdomen and pelvic floor you’ll be learning to strengthen and tone throughout this post-natal series.

    • Post Natal 3 : Re-integrate18:20

      Post Natal 3 : Re-integrate

      This class focuses on gentle strengthening yoga for the core, so that the tummy feels knitted back together after the recent strains. Jean also shows us some gentle shoulder stretch and strengtheners, so important for all the heavy lifting new mums have in store. You will need to set yourself up near to a wall.


  • Post Natal: Five-min super mum05:24

    Post Natal: Five-min super mum

    Jean Hall | 11 Nov 2013

    This is a 5 minute instant re-charge for any time of day or night. Take 5 for yourself and relieve those tired shoulders and busy mind.



    •  Post Natal Recovery41:42

      Post Natal Recovery

      Jean Hall | 5 Jul

      This yoga class is suitable for most from 6 weeks after birth and is fantastic for strengthening the core. Starting steadily, with the breath, this class moves to some juicy slow vinyasa sequences all with a strong core focus. This class is recommended to all who need to strengthen their core in a mindful, stready way. You will need a block and a cushion.


    •  Post Natal 4: Restorative15:40

      Post Natal 4: Restorative

      Jean Hall | 24 May

      Try this calming sequence those when you just need to rest. Four simple supported poses that help reset tired minds, backs and shoulders. You will need 2 bolsters or pillows and a chair or a sofa can work too.


  • Awaken to Yoga22:59

    Awaken to Yoga

    Jean Hall | 24 Aug 2013

    This is a lovely, meditative, sweet and slow flow to warm up the body for the day. It is great for beginners as well as advanced yogis who want to take care of their bodies from the inside out. This practice would be wonderful to be used as a pre-curser to your morning meditation as Jean gently guides attention inward through the focus on the breath. This could also be used at the end of the day before your evening meditation. Jean guides you gently into the breath, gives great alignment guidance to some gentle backbends and lovely, long modified downward dogs. No better way to start, or indeed end the day. Props: Bolster or firm pillows.



  • Sun Salutations28:16

    Sun Salutations

    Jean Hall | 18 Jul 2013

    Take this beautiful flowing sequence that uses sun salutation variations and weaves them through the practice. Great way to start the day.



  • Shoulder Stand Tutorial: Demo08:50

    Shoulder Stand Tutorial: Demo

    Jean Hall | 18 Jun 2013

    In this 2-part tutorial, Jean shows us how to practice shoulderstand safely. Learn how to place the head and shoulders and progressively move up into shoulderstand. Watch Jean demo the pose first before attempting the practice. Props: Folded mat or heavy blankets.


  • Shoulder Stand Tutorial: Practice07:26

    Shoulder Stand Tutorial: Practice

    Jean Hall | 18 Jun 2013

    Join Jean’s student, David as he takes shoulderstand. Jean gives top tips for his balance once in the pose – really helpful at home as you can’t watch and practice this pose at the same time! Remember – watch Jean demo the pose first before attempting this practice so you don’t turn your head in shoulderstand. Props: Folded mat or heavy blankets.