Yoga Workshops

Opening the Window of Resilience: with Aki Omori + Jean Hall

April 8th 2018, 10.00-5.00pm at triyoga soho 

£75 – for all levels – to book please click here

Aki Omori + Jean Hall join forces for this unique workshop to explore our potential to reconnect, re-pattern and rebalance through movement +  body awareness.   

Learning about the primal functions of the brain and the nervous system, and how our individual history contributes to our unique tendencies, we can then apply this understanding to our experiences and awareness of movement. By taking time to slow down so we can recognise and sense into the fine texture of sensation and motion to help reconnect us to our intuition and inner knowing, we become more able to re-pattern, repair and re-balance ourselves in life’s on-going process of self learning, discovery and realisation.

The session will include:
Breath awareness
Free/authentic movement exploration + breath centred asana practice
Some structural anatomy
Partner work
Discussion, reflection + contemplation


Deep Spring Cleanse Workshop:

April 20th  2018, 10:30-3pm at flow studios in tunbridge wells

£70 per day including delicious vegan lunch – to book please click here

Following the natural cycle of the seasons this workshop is dedicated to awakening from winter mode and shifting our awareness to the rising of the spring equinox and it’s transformative energy of renewal and growth.

This workshop will start with quietening the mind and bringing our consciousness to areas within ourselves that need clearing and releasing as well as nurturing and strengthening (be it physically, mentally and/or emotionally) in order to bring meaningfulness and power into the yogasana practice.

We will then move through a full flowing and focused yoga practice integrating pranayama, asanas and mindfulness to help remove stagnation, wring out toxins, banish winter sluggishness and activate and balance the major bodily systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory and lymphatic) to restore ourselves to full energy and radiance.


Full Moon Glow: 

June 29th  2018, 10:30-3pm at flow studios in tunbridge wells

£70 per day including delicious vegan lunch – to book please click here

‘Soma’ translates from Sanskrit as ‘the nectar of the moon’ and it is the cooling healing quality or elixir of our awareness which cultivates spaciousness and acceptance.

Through this slow, soulful workshop we’ll explore the potential for breadth and space within asanas to help foster the flow of soma (nectar) and release into the expansive nature of our essence.

The practice will include standing, seated, supine and inverted poses… and in particular variations of anjaneyasana (crescent moon) and chadrasana (moon).


Journeying through The Pancha Mahā-Bhūtas – The 5 Great Elements of Life

July 8th  2018, 10:30-5pm at Reva Yoga

£90 early bird fee for the day – to book please click here

Within the microcosm and wonderment of our body we replicate the most fundamental element components of this planet – prthivi: earth, āpas: water, agni: fire, vayu: wind, ākāśa: ether – and at different times the different elements maybe more or less dominant and affect our energetic, mental and emotional states of being.

Focusing on these Pancha Mahā-Bhūtas which are used in many traditional systems of natural healing, particularly Ayurveda, we will weave our way through these elements within a varied yogasana practice, exploring their unique nature within our body and mind and how they can enhance our inner sense of stability, fluidity, empowerment, compassion, and openness.


Seasons of the Heart:

November 30th  2018, 10:30-3pm at flow studios in tunbridge wells

£70 per day including delicious vegan lunch – to book please click here

The heart is as the sun whose energy supports and radiates throughout the whole body. “As every living thing on the earth depends on the light and heat of the sun, so every living cell of our bodies depend on the immense living energy of the heart...” (Miranda Tufnell). And although the heart is our circulatory system’s centre it is not just purely a mechanical pump – its cells register and respond to all that takes place within our own body and the outer world.

During this daylong workshop we’ll be guided through a deep slow flow asana session and pranayama heart breathing practices to help renew energy, reconnect to the hearts’ essence + revitalise the whole body.










Yogaria Aerial Yoga Workshops

Yogaria097Dates to be confirmed

Classes and workshops draw upon the authentic yogasana system and integrate it with the principals of aerial training using a rigged silken cocoon material, which stretches organically yet has tremendous strength, like another skin, to harness, support and lift us from the ground.

Every session begins with gentle mat based asana work to strengthen and safely prepare the body and mind for the challenges of aerial work. We then move on to develop the practice in to fluid sequences using the cocoon alternatively with floor work to both elevate and ground.

Fun and challenging as well as restorative and gentle, Yogaria Aerial Yoga invites you to develop your confidence, strength and agility whilst deepening your yoga practice mentally and physically both on and off the mat.

Important Notes on Aerial Yoga workshops: Aerial work is strong, so expect to be challenged, stretched and strengthened to the core!

Mat work and partner work are both integral parts of aerial practice, so please come prepared to work on the yoga mat as well as in the air, and to share the practice and work with others.
Please also bring along extra clothing: one long and one half-sleeved top (no vests) and a long or knee length bottom (not baggy) to layer yourself with, so as to avoid friction of the skin with the cocoon