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Differentiate, Activate, Integrate: A series of weekend workshops to connect to ligaments, bones + movement 

October 12th + 13th  2019, 10:00-5pm at triyoga soho

£40-45 per session or £150 for the whole weekend – to book please click here

 Join Aki + Jean in a weekend of experiential workshop sessions to explore, feel and understand how bones, ligaments + joints have their own distinct functionality + role within the body. You’ll discover how they relate and work together to create wholeness of activation and full movement connectivity and integration. We’ll delve into the theory of our structure, but more importantly into creative movement explorations through experiential anatomy along with somatic yoga practices to cultivate and notice how subtle awareness and small changes within us have the most profound effect on how we feel, breathe and move our body in the circumstances of our lives.

12th Oct 10:00-1:30pm – Differentiation + functionality

The constellation of our bones create a functioning whole, offering a framework of support within us, and articulation through the connectivity of our joints. These bones begin their formation early in the fluid embryonic world, first as fibrous membrane, then cartilage, and by the seventh week the actual process of bone development has begun, visibly bringing the spine into life.

During this first session we will look into and feel differentiation of bones and joints, studying, exploring and enjoying their individual shape, form and functionality.
We’ll then move into sensing the pathway of our bones and the space of the joints to rediscover our inner architectural stability and motility.

12th Oct 2:30-5:00pm – Connectivity + Breath

All movement for life is contained within the breath… it is the original template and inspiration for every movement.
In this afternoon workshop we will connect back into the inherent power and ease of the breath so we may find the opportunity to open, expand and grow as well as sense the potential to release, let go and yield.
When we find our capacity to yield we can access the pathway of the force through our bones’ architecture, enabling us to carry the volume of our body through space with more clarity and strength.
This helps us to express ourselves with renewed articulation of intention and authenticity, as what we feel and think within begins to align with the movement of our breath and structure.


13th Oct – 10:00-1:30pm – Movement Integration + Wholeness

Having explored the differentiation of bones and joints, we’ll then progress onto exploring the ligamentous system and discover how the continuous weaving of ligament to bone surface and depth creates connectivity, cohesion, and mobility, deeply affecting our capacity of attention, proprioception and scope to move with ease and grace.


13th Oct – 2:30-5:00pm – Presence + Creativity

This closing session will focus on creative and restorative practices to cultivate a deep simple listening with our whole sensory being so we may experience and enjoy the presence of our being, that moves, plays and rests


 Connecting Structure + Flow

November 29th  2019, 10:30-3pm at flow studios in tunbridge wells

£70 per day including delicious vegan lunch – to book please click here

Our skeletal system is our inner structure and support that carries our weight and connects us to gravity, whilst our musculature provides the opportunity for movement and flow. Exploration of both these systems within our asana practice helps to inspire and create healthy alignment, ease of motion and clarity of awareness through the living sensation of our body. 

This workshop will include breath awareness, vinyasa, yin, partner work and meditation.

Further workshops at Flow Yoga, Tunbridge Wells in 2020 are: TBC










Yogaria Aerial Yoga Workshops

Yogaria097Dates to be confirmed

Classes and workshops draw upon the authentic yogasana system and integrate it with the principals of aerial training using a rigged silken cocoon material, which stretches organically yet has tremendous strength, like another skin, to harness, support and lift us from the ground.

Every session begins with gentle mat based asana work to strengthen and safely prepare the body and mind for the challenges of aerial work. We then move on to develop the practice in to fluid sequences using the cocoon alternatively with floor work to both elevate and ground.

Fun and challenging as well as restorative and gentle, Yogaria Aerial Yoga invites you to develop your confidence, strength and agility whilst deepening your yoga practice mentally and physically both on and off the mat.

Important Notes on Aerial Yoga workshops: Aerial work is strong, so expect to be challenged, stretched and strengthened to the core!

Mat work and partner work are both integral parts of aerial practice, so please come prepared to work on the yoga mat as well as in the air, and to share the practice and work with others.
Please also bring along extra clothing: one long and one half-sleeved top (no vests) and a long or knee length bottom (not baggy) to layer yourself with, so as to avoid friction of the skin with the cocoon