Aerial Yoga – Yogaria

Yogaria097This safe but exhilarating form of Aerial Yoga draws upon and enhances the authentic yogasana system whilst integrating it with principals of aerial training.

Yogaria – (meaning Yoga Air) has been devised by 4 women practitioners (Jean Hall, Liz Lark, Daniela Essart and Bea Perini) with a passion for yoga and creative expression.

‘Yogaria’, takes yoga off the mat, exploring gravity, earth and ether within the framework of classical yoga postures whilst using a rigged silken cocoon material, which stretches organically yet has tremendous strength, like another skin, to harness, support and lift us from the ground.

During workshops you will safely explore and experience your practice from the familiar realm of the mat into the elating realm of air.

We begin with warm ups to prepare the body for the challenges of learning the essential basics of aerial work which involves focused partner work, handling the cocoon and understanding safe holds.

We then develop the practice in to flowing sequences using the cocoon alternatively with floor work to ground and elevate us as we move through sun salutation variations, standing and suspended inversions, deep extensions and peak postures both earth and air bound.

Breath, Mudra and Mantra: the subtle tools of yoga will also be introduced as poetic anchors for the mind to draw inwards.

Important Notes on workshop:

Partner work is an integral part of aerial practice so please come prepared to share the practice and work with others.

Also please bring one long and on short-sleeved top (no vest) and a long or knee high bottom, to layer yourself with, in order to avoid friction of the skin with the cocoon.